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In your dreams Last seen: Apparently we both blacked out, at about the same time, I woke up to find ONE pill being left in the baggy, and mustard and ketchup all over the inside of my refridgerator.

They got arrested soon after and woke up in prison with no memory of what they had done. I was broke too, no friends are missing th money. It is close to my birthday so a friend gave me 5 footballs.

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These pills say G on the face of them. Xanies can be pretty damn nice, especially with some good buds but it can get you into alot of trouble, and turn you into a careless soul steal, give away money and you may not remember anything about the duration you were on it.

Apparently one of us me and my friend went into the kitchen, squirted condiments inside my fridge, made grilled cheese sandwiches left the bread open ate another football, made a series of calls slurring our words and all we remember is what happened around midnight. What I remember, I took one, and he took one.

But yeah benzo's are not to be used in the same manner as weed, things can go bad quick if you're not careful. I have always wanted to try them, because I hear they slow you down a bit and put you in a zen type of world. My girlfriend called me, wanting to know if I was okay, mentioning I had called her at 4: I know man I feel mad because I could have hurt someone. What I remember, is about midnight we were taking videos of me playing guitar and various things. Pretty neat addition to the smileys.

The problem is, I didn't feel anything is why I took another half.

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I have a couple friends that recently went to prison cuz they were on a bunch of xanax and broke into houses and stole a few thousand dollars worth of merchandise. One question, if I take 1 more tomorrow at school, will it be noticeable? Always start low on new substances. Sign In New Account Username:. Sat down next to this girl This is when I realized I had a black out. I am smart enough to not mix any pills with alcohol, I'll never do that had a friend who fucked a tranny doing that.

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Copyright Mind Media. This is kinda scary because I could have done something really bad and not found out yet, my friend and I were on auto-pilot for about 5 hours. Jump to first unread post. Plus these aren't the big ones, they are just 1mg. Home Community Message Board. Not A Medical Doctor.

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