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I remember the anesthesiologist talking to me, and then I was out. But is medication the answer? I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to do another ultrasound and see if everything's ok - should I mention it to my doctor at that time?

Why We Archive What to Expect has thousands of open discussions happening each day. I'm not sure it was only the anesthesia or both working together but it got better. From our children's health to their development to their performance at school, there's always something for moms and dads to be happy -- or anxious -- about.

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The crazies are everywhere!!! Trolls will be banned. We already knew the baby was not alive measured 7 w at 12 w and the day we went with the baby still in me was the most horrible one of my life.

Long story short, Mom didn't abort, I'm fine.

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Sixteen million children are living in households with a depressed parent, so there are an enormous number of young lives at stake. Not sure if it's because of that, or I'm just grumpy these days.

Every morning John Buffington, a father of two in Philadelphia, pops a Claritin and 20 milligrams of Celexa. There was also a definite feeling of closure. It lasted a couple of days. I'm gonna live my life and do shit I enjoy and love every second and try to live a little more to make up for the fact that the baby didn't.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP! Experiences after miscarriges. I think I crazy

March 30, And you're absolutely right to think that those studies are talking about routine use. And then fight with them. But at the same time, I felt like I had to be this rock for my family.

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The transformation, however, may not be for the worse. Come to think of it, the only time I actually threw up during my 10 week pregnancy was after I left the ER knowing I was miscarrying. If the meds make you feel normal, why do anything else?

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She uses the delicate-fabrics setting on the dryer. This thread is closed to new comments. After one too many midnight panic attacks, Chanda talked to her family doctor. Then I found out that xanax is a schedule D drug for pregnancy not recommended. But Berman makes clear that it's not a parent's job to self-diagnose.

Be sure to follow my Pinterest board Miscarriage for more information articles and encouraging words. One thing I can say, about the feelings you're describing, and the way I'm choosing to cope.