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But then again, maybe I had just heard what I wanted to hear. I was told the antidepressants were tricky and I had to try a few to get them right.

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As I was tossing and turning in bed I thought I was a piece of meat on a grill being endlessly flipped from one side to the other forever. The glitter bomb service is totally anonymous I know, I knowm that's what every alcoholic says, but I swear, I'm not. I woke up the next day vaguely remembering getting in the car The much needed and promised salvation came as soon as I began taking the medications.

I told her I was writing a marvelous story about a dog. Anyone know of anything all natural? In fact, I had an imaginary air-race on my flying mattress against my cool new friends who had materialized through the wall earlier that night. Every time I reached a certain percentage decrease, I would completely lose sleep for weeks until I gave in and went back to my old dosage. I hear ya, babes. I was so exhausted last night that I broke down and took an Ambien CR and slept 8 hours.

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I keep trying though, and have had a little more success since reading the articles on SparkPeople. Thought I better stop the Ambien!!!! What's everyone's funniest or craziest Ambien story? I took one ambien at At best they actually put me to sleep, but make me feel icky all the next day, at worse they make things spin so bad I get sick, and never actually work.

But when I wake up, I will notice my mask off and think back and go "Oh yea, I took it off" Well, I was given Ambien by my family doctor, and that stuff works great! My roommate said that as soon as they got ready my other roommate ran into his own bedroom, locked the door, grunted, and fell asleep.

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After about a week my body acclimated to it. Some people reach for drugs or alcohol, but I reached for Ambien because it was there. Facebook YouTube instagram Twitter. All of which was true.

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For every tear I shed and every pattern I let go of, I felt lighter and clearer. She takes it and then slowly creeps into a drunken state.

If it sounds awful and embarrassing and terrifying, it was. She apparently also ate a pack or uncooked, dry, Ramen noodles during the same night, and remembered none of it. I am on quite a bit of pain meds and I know he doesn't want to give me too much.

I knew it was time to give it up.