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The Warg is great too. Warg - Harmony of Despair. Any more information I put here will just be more or less copying from the Castlevania Wiki, so I'll just tell you where to go if you want to learn more about Soma: Forgot your username or password?

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Disc Armor - Harmony of Despair. Each enemy except Menace, the boss of chapter 3 has a soul, and you can collect up to nine of each. Soma shoots his bandaged arm for a fairly long distance in front of him.

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Shoots a poison cloud around you. Crystal Necklet Accessory 2: Do I need to be Soma to get valmanway? Guardian souls consume MP while active.

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Some of these abilities are activated by toggling the button, others remain active only when the button is held; the functions of each blue soul is rather obvious. Then medusa soul for RB is the best soul cause you can float while attacking on the flying bosses which is extremely helpful for draculas 1st form, death, and the puppet master.

What is considered the best souls for Soma to use?

Skeleton Gunman Bullet Soul 3: Sign up for free! Queen Medusa - Harmony of Despair. It is red, though. It can petrify enemies, which, obviously, doesn't work on every monster. Phantom Bat - R. The Fleaman bounces ahead of you for a while, then disappears. Get at least 1 of them.

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I dont have this weapon. If you're going to use a projectile weapon, use this one. Throws a bladed disc on a line out in front of you, which then returns.