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Epub Mar Physicians Total Care Inc. Metronidazole sensitizes tumour cells for ionizing radiation but is not used clinically for this purpose. Anaerobes which develop metronidazole resistance become deficient in the mechanism that generates the reactive nitro radical from it. Epub Nov Some microaerophilic and anerobic bacteria, Giardia lamblia, Trichomonas vaginalis, and Giardia intestinalis are resistant to metronidazole.

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Australian Medicines Handbook ed. Bacteroides fragilis, Fusobacterium so named because of its sharp fusiform shape at both ends, Clostridium tetani, Peptostreptococcus, and Giardia lamblia. Retrieved 8 December The serum concentration of Acenocoumarol can be increased when it is combined with Metronidazole. The risk or severity of adverse effects can be increased when Metronidazole is combined with Lopinavir. Wuhan Hezhong Bio-chemical Manufacture co ltd.

The serum concentration of Metronidazole can be increased when it is combined with Fosaprepitant.

Chemical structure

Metronidazole and oxygen both strive for the electrons formed during metabolism of energy. Antiparasitics — antiprotozoal agents — Chromalveolate antiparasitics P Amerisource Health Services Corp. Plasma concentration and clearance of metronidazole is dose dependent. Metronidazole activation is mutagenic and causes DNA fragmentation in Helicobacter pylori and in Escherichia coli containing a cloned H.


It is mainly metabolised in the liver by glucuronidation and oxidation. Pentavalent antimonials Meglumine antimoniateSodium stibogluconate.

UN - class 3 - PG 2 - Methanol.

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The serum concentration of Metronidazole can be decreased when it is combined with St. As many as separate enzymes are affected. Common side effects of metronidazole are nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, abdominal cramps, metallic taste, headache, anorexia.

The serum concentration of Rosuvastatin can be increased when it is combined with Metronidazole.

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A nitroimidazole used to treat amebiasis; vaginitis; trichomonas infections; giardiasis; anaerobic bacteria; and treponemal infections. Amoebiasis - Metronidazole is a first line drug for all forms of amoebic infection.

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