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I started to come of them very slowly due to my doctors orders, first from 5mg to 2. Most people that are on this drug for an extended period of time end up having to increase their dosage. My biggest withdrawal symptoms are shortness of breath, swollen legs and ankles and muscle pains in lower back, knees and legs.

I have been taking Zyprexa for almost three years. To all those people who are still in doubt I can recommend the books of Robert Whitaker. What kind of severe breathing problems are you having? So I bought some sleep aid.

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Weight gain has been negligible and have been on it for something like months now. I went through a lot of the symptoms in this list. Hi Cengiz, It's been 5 months since I stopped taking I got up and moved around for the first time today, just to return back to all the hell.

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Be well, good luck. He told me to go to army GP.

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I am currently on 2. I was put on 2. Since that original withdrawal I have tried several times with a slow reduction but I have still suffered but to a lesser degree. Definitely tremors and shakes. I have been on Zyprexa for two years. I would greatly appreciate ANY advice. I am two weeks into coming off Olanzapine. Any of the side effects I develop have been negated due to smoking a bowl except for sweating. Priapism [ Ref ]. If anybody knows of something he could do to stop it or get it to let up some would love to know.

The side effects featured here are based on those most frequently appearing in user posts on the Internet. I am investigating alternative treatments. Even if you are not fully recovered after 90 days, you will likely feel much improved compared to the initial couple weeks of withdrawal. For some reason I have faith in a couple more weeks she will completely pull out of this. For me, even if I up my dose and take more seroquel or That is why it is so tipped to one side with horror stories on the internet.

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