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My test are normal except low vit d and high dht. So im not taking it anymore see what happens in a month from now.

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I am woman with a lot of androgen, hear me roar! If you answered yes to a few of those you may want to look into DAO diamine oxidase enzyme. Is there any hope at 43 of restoring my hormones to balance? I went to my doctor and they prescribed me Sprio and I immediately went back on birth control.

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Last you posted you were seeing some regrowth, yay! Everyday it seems to get better. Password Forgot your password? My hair doesn't even look the same. She writes a weekly beauty newsletter offering off-label product usage advice and prefers to be referred to as "IDK, Some Girl.

I would like to treat the androgenic alopecia with topical minoxidil but it is too harsh on my scalp and increases my shedding. For a really cheap and safe medication, spironolactone has many uses.

I swear the Spiro had something to do with it. Thank you for your insight into such a troubling disorder. I had mild acne for a month and was given Spiro. I've also heard veiled references to "life" and "your age" ish. Thank you thank you! Sometimes it's easy to sort out but often it's more challenging. They say it takes 3 months or more to see the results so I'm still crossing my fingers for this. How Magnesium Rescues Hormones. How slowly do you taper if I am on a dose of 50mg? Mine is mostly the crown, temples, and sides which of course also describes aga sigh.

Initially this helped to get rid of the excess estrogen in my system. I cant believe in 1 month my hair has fallen out this much. I completely feel you in all aspects.

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