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It was the only thing I've found which could do that. And I add Ambien when I need to get to sleep a lot earlier when I have to get up at e. I am bipolar and was prescribed Seroqual mg and it worked great.

This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. I would choose the Trazodone, personally. I've been taking them so long I feel that I dont know what it even means to be an adult. I was on Seroquel for a short time.

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He says things that are very hurtful and I feel like it's affecting him during the day as well. Sign In Sign Up. My doctors have had no problem with me taking both of them in this way. I really want to stop the Trazodonebut have tried alternatives, such as AmbienLunesta.

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Anyone taking Trazadone and Ambien together for sleep? One of my docs prescribed 10 mg of Ambien and Trazadone up to mg, if I needed it. I was wondering if together,they might help? I used Ambien for many years but in the end and while taking over 20 mg just to fall a sleep, I added Trazodone.

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I work as a credit analyst and sit in front of a computer from 9 to 5. However I find one does what the other doesn't.

I went sleepdriving, walking by night on a golf course, coming home with bruises and not remembering anything,buying a motorcycle without ever driven one If you do take it Felt very uncomfortable next day with slight hheadache and mentally uncomfortable.

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I drift off and then I jolt awake minutes later. Hey maso -- a couple questions you may be able to clarify.

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Trazadone didn't work either and left me with a hangover affect. Comment Vote up Report. Edited May 27, by KarateKid.

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It's not usually prescribed just for insomnia alone though. All I've had was hallucinations and nightmares and not even sleeping the whole night