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Effect of tamoxifen on lumbar spine bone mineral density in postmenopausal women after 5 years.

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Estrogen and progesterone also promote the growth of some breast cancers, which are called hormone-sensitive or hormone-dependent breast cancers. A number of studies have compared aromatase inhibitors with tamoxifen to see which type of medicine was more effective in treating early-stage, hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

Pharmacological profiles of exemestane and formestane, steroidal aromatase inhibitors used for treatment of postmenopausal breast cancer. Estrogen production and action.

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Two SERMs are approved to treat metastatic breast cancertamoxifen and toremifene. Although tamoxifen had been the agent of choice for the first-line treatment of MBC for many years, AIs have now largely replaced it in this setting barring the presence of contraindications to its use, such as uncontrolled osteoporosis. The side effects of hormone therapy depend largely on the specific drug or the type of treatment 5.

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Growth factor receptor cross-talk with estrogen receptor as a mechanism for tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer. DFS favored patients treated with letrozole HR, 0. The side effect profiles of tamoxifen and AIs differ. Current data indicate that aromatase inhibitors are equivalent or superior to tamoxifen as first-line therapy for metastatic breast cancer and as neoadjuvant treatment for primary breast cancer.

In the Immediate Preoperative Anastrozole, Tamoxifen, or Combined With Tamoxifen IMPACT trial, postmenopausal women with ER-positive, invasive, operable breast cancer were randomized in a double-blinded fashion to 3 months of preoperative treatment with anastrozole, tamoxifen, or both. In response to this study, many women and their doctors have wondered if the findings about tamoxifen can be extrapolated to aromatase inhibitors, which although utilizing a different mechanism, are used to treat many of the same tumors.

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This page was printed from: Of patients, were randomized to receive letrozole 2. Lancet ; 2: This is of particular relevance in the treatment of early breast cancer, where endocrine agents may be used in the adjuvant setting for periods of 5 years or longer.

A third aromatase inhibitor, exemestaneis approved for adjuvant treatment of early-stage breast cancer in postmenopausal women who have received tamoxifen previously. Origin and characteristics of adverse events in aromatase inhibition therapy for breast cancer. If no author information is provided, the source is cited instead. Questions to Ask about Your Treatment.

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For example, some women may take an aromatase inhibitor every day for 5 years, instead of tamoxifen. But aromatase inhibitors can cause more heart problemsmore bone loss osteoporosisand more broken bones than tamoxifen, at least for the first few years of treatment. Hormone therapy for breast cancer should not be confused with menopausal hormone therapy MHT —treatment with estrogen alone or in combination with progesterone to help relieve symptoms of menopause.

The node-positive patients receiving letrozole had significantly longer OS than those receiving placebo [ 37 ].

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It is a pure antiestrogen.