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Warfarin can be restarted after delivery. Check with your healthcare provider if you expect to travel. If you are not taking blood thinning medicines, such as warfarin, an INR result above 1. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission.

To lower your risk, you can take extra care when doing things that could cause bleeding.

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The review date indicates when the article was last reviewed from beginning to end to ensure that it reflects the most current science. Rarely, the antigen level quantity of a coagulation factor may also be measured.

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Then, a bunch of proteinscalled clotting factorsshow up. Changes in daily living can affect the INR. Continued What Happens During the Test? INR levels can be difficult to control Although regular testing of INR levels is essential for all people taking warfarin to maintain control of the INR, in practice, INR levels show considerable intra-patient variability. The test result for a PT depends on the method used, with results measured in seconds and compared to the normal range established and maintained by the laboratory that performs the test.

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A best practice Decision Support module has been developed for managing warfarin treatment, based on data from the Coventry system, 17 which has been widely accepted internationally.

If an accident occurs and the person is too ill to communicate, a medical alert tag will help responders provide appropriate care. Alevemay increase the risk of bleeding.

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Interference with primary haemostasis — increased bleeding risk without alteration of INR. Barbiturates, oral contraceptives and hormone-replacement therapy HRTand vitamin K either in a multivitamin or liquid nutrition supplement may decrease PT.

The test tells you how many seconds it took your blood to form a clot. There are many variables including genetic factors. Content written by physicians from leading medical institutions Unbiased: Some of the most relevant are listed below.


Tylenol may interact with warfarin, especially if taken for more than one or two doses. For a complete list of interactions and advice on managing interactions such as when to check the INR, refer to appropriate information resources such as a formulary or your PMS system.

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Liver Function Tests Read more. Warfarin brand names Coumadin and Jantoven is a prescription medication used to prevent harmful blood clots from forming or growing larger. PT is measured in seconds.

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Patient drug information leaflet from Lexicomp. Patients who take warfarin should aim to eat a relatively similar amount of vitamin K each week.

Warfarin must be taken exactly as prescribed. Therefore, the blood's ability to clot must be carefully monitored while a person takes warfarin.