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If this happens, contact us.

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Bleeding after the abortion Bleeding continues lightly one to three weeks after the abortion, but sometimes shorter or longer. If you are allergic to Ibuprofen or cannot find it, contact us so we can recommend a different medication.

Recommendations before taking the medication:

Our Team People needed! If the pregnancy is in the uterus, it is necessary to have the IUD removed before using doing the abortion. Misoprostol can be used later in pregnancy but the risks of complications are higher see below.

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If the cramps are very painful, she can use Ibuprofen, or a hot water bottle or heating pad, but never alcohol or drugs. There is a small increased risk of birth defects such as deformities of the hands or feet and problems with the nerves of the foetus, if the pregnancy continues after attempting abortion with these medicines.

You should be able to arrive there in 1 hour or less or, if you have anemia, 30 minutes or less. Some pharmacies may ask for a medical prescription for this purpose. As long as there is no fever, pain, heavy bleeding or vaginal discharge, remains in the womb is not a problem.

You should put 04 tablets of Misoprostol Cytotec — mcg under the tongue together and keep them there for at least 30 minutes or until the tablets are completely dissolved. Misoprostol should never be used if the woman is allergic to Misoprostol or any other prostaglandin.

Instructions on how to use the medication:

If the Misoprostol did not work When Misoprostol did not cause any bleeding at all or there was a little bleeding but the pregnancy still continues, this means the abortion did not happen.

The most common side effects are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Having an untreated sexual transmitted infection increases the risk of an inflammation of the womb and fallopian tubes. This means that you can continue to bleed for various days or even weeks after using the pills. If it is not effective the first time, you can try again after 3 days. If more than 14 days after the use of Misoprostol no abortion has occurred, and if no doctor is willing to help, there remains no other option than to travel to another country to have a legal abortion, contact women on web, or to keep the pregnancy.

This online medical abortion service helps women get a safe abortion with pills. In this case, it is important that you quickly take a second dose of misoprostol Cytotecmcg in time to proceed with a medical abortion.

Such an inflammation is called a pelvic inflammatory disease PID or salpingitis or adnexitis. If your bleeding has significantly decreased and then suddenly increases again to be as heavy as it was the day you used Misoprostol, it is not necessarily a warning sign, but contact us so we can understand what is happening.

The woman can try to use the medicines again after a few days, but this can fail again.

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We strongly advise any young girl to talk with her parents or another adult she trusts about her situation, her decision and the abortion procedure. If possible, it is good to have 8 Misoprostol pills total 4 extra just in case you need them. Upload your portrait and share your experience. You may also take 10 mg of Domperidone 1 hour before using Misoprostol.