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Medications When do you start taking provera? I go back next February if all goes well with the Provera and my cycles--and I hope that when I do--I will have fulfilled the prediction I received from Gail. Peaks at 7dpo then back almost to 0 when af starts.

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You need to be monitored it sounds. Theres this anorexic chick in my class and my friends dared me to ask "have you gained some weight recently?

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Are you sure you are well nourished and your lack of menstruation is not due to eating disorders or malnourishment? I only had a period for one month after taking provera is this normal? You may only have to tkae it a month or two and your cycle could start on its own. From skin changes to weight loss to unusual bleeding, here are 15 cancer warning signs that women tend to ignore. If if temping to be the most accurate.

Your doctor will probably have you take the pill at the same time every day, so it will be easier to remember. If you are trying to cycle while not TTC I recommend birth control pills over provera. You are right about the provera, it doesn't make sense to take it if it hasn't been established that I'm not O'ing, or even find out when I do o. I'm confused as to what day of my cycle I should take the provera? I got my BFP this week and I'm still very cautious.

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She said, "We have the shed the uteran lining every so often, so wait til June to take it again. It said post menopausal women's were 45 and mine should be like above ?

I take Provera every month so that AF will come! Posted By ofratko 1 replies Yesterday, As you are young and the only thing that needs to be ensured is that the lining of the uterus is shed every two to three months.

So hopefully we will get different results than the BFN we have got the past 3 yrs. The only way to know for sure- if you have regular cycles is to do labwork approx 7 days before you expect your period to see what your progesterone level is.

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Find answers in our FAQ. Does Provera Increase Fertility? With weird bleeding and high progesteone they need to or should have. My dr wants me to call her on the first day of af and get a dye test to make sure nothing is blocked, then give me clomid.