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Sometimes it can be tough to distinguish between the two: Learn the basics of baby behavior, what's normal and what's not, and how to bond with your baby.

Benadryl for Babies

Diphenhydramine is the generic name for Benadryl and is available over-the-counter. Please review the Terms of Use before using this site. Using this medication as a sedative for a child is not worth risking these serious side-effects and therefore, NOT recommended for use as a sedative.

Never use for sedating and sleeping. This may not be safe for your child due to side-effects or if your child has an underlying health condition.

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Fever can help our bodies fight infection, and a fever, even a high one, is generally not harmful as long as the underlying reason for the fever is not dangerous, such as a virus. Please note that kitchen teaspoons do not accurately measure medication. Take rest breaks from driving every two hours and allow your child to get out of his or her car seat.

During this transition please be sure of the concentration of the product you are using so the correct dose for your infant or toddler can be determined. Acetaminophen comes in a rectal suppository form Feverall that is useful when a child is vomiting or cannot tolerate oral medication.

As with any medication, it is very crucial to check with your physician before using Benadryl for babies.

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They said he could have up to a teaspoon full every six hours, but to start with a half teaspoon. I still don't know if I like the idea of giving her this for a runny nose. Parenting Your Parents Pets! The immunization schedule for babies, expert advice about delaying vaccines, what to do if your child reacts badly to a vaccine Doctor Checkups for Toddlers.

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Watch for trouble breathing, severe hives, drooling, flushed skin color, coughing or wheezing. I would call the dr and ask, even if he's at home.

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They suggested the Benadryl when he was even younger, so I knew that's what they would say. The time now is My pedi said the same thing thats written on the dr sears site, benadryl dosage is the same as what you'd give for tylenol NOT the same as motrin.

While they do not recommend Benadryl diphenhydramine for infants under 12 months, and at the very bottom of the page, they are kind enough to break down dosage per weight of the child.

Originally Posted by Babymakes3. I just talked to our pediatrician because my 10 month old son had what seemed to be seasonal allergies. Watch for side effects If you have given a dose of Benadryl, watch for side-effects such as; excessive sleepiness, slowed breathing and lowered responses. The doctor recommended Benadryl.

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