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Our Team Awards 10 years of Women on Waves ! Women on Web website is blocked? Quelquefois, une prescription est requise. These are usually only sent during campaigns.

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If you live in the U. If you give us your email we can send you our press releases. However, it is a crime to induce an abortion if you did not get the medicines mifepristone, misoprostol from a doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or nurse midwife who is authorized to provide these medicines.

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A guide for peer educators, teachers and trainers' Faits. Become Active Brisez le silence Autocollants pour un avortement sans danger Order a T-shirt Example of prescription for misoprostol!

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In some countries, you might find that the Women on Web website is censored. Misoprostol est disponible en pharmacie dans presque tous les pays.

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Une femme de devrait jamais agir seule. Resources Abortion information per Country Training Manuals Animation "how to do a safe abortion with pills" in 20 languages!!

Women in need of a safe medical abortion with misoprostol alone can make their own prescription to get the medicines from a pharmacy and do not have to pay enormous amounts for misoprostol on the black market that are even often fake.

Le Misoprostol est disponible en pharmacie dans la plupart des pays. Comment pouvez-vous faire un avortement avec pilules Misoprostol?

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Audio files safe abortion hotlines Safe abortion: Quelquefois, on peut se le procurer au comptoir sans prescription. N'achetez pas les pilules en vente sur "Abortion-pill-online. Keep up to date with the activities of Women on Waves.