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Interaction between B Complex and Prednisone. Suddenly I had terrible hearing loss and inability to speak Since prednisone will cause fluid retention and electrolyte disorders, periodic lab monitoring is essential. B complex vitamin has active ingredients of folic acid. Minor Minimally clinically significant.

In addition, it is approved for Neuropathy. Still not taking AA Back to Sign in! These are actually normal side effects expected Moderate Moderately clinically significant. Some mixtures of medications can lead to serious and even fatal consequences. Create Account Sign in with facebook. Always consult your doctor before taking these medications together.

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Shingrix Shingrix herpes zoster subunit vaccine is a non-live, recombinant subunit vaccine for the All information is observation-only, and has not been supported by scientific studies or clinical trials unless otherwise stated. How to Prevent Deadly Drug Interactions.

There were no interactions found in our database between prednisone and Vitamin B Experiences Related Topics Compare Vitamins. I do take B-complex because it helps when I am How to use the study: However, this does not necessarily mean no interactions exist.

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The B vitamins folic acid, B6 and B12 have an increased loss from the body in the presence of prednisone. The information presented on this website is not intended as specific medical advice and is not a substitute for professional medical treatment or diagnosis. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided by Multum is accurate, up-to-date and complete, but no guarantee is made to that effect. Skip to Content googletag. However, an interaction may still exist.