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I do at least applaud her for trying to be more compassionate than many of her other colleges. I cant help but to be concerned of the fact that repeated brain damage in all other ways leads to chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a condition in which the brain continues to deteriorate even after the cause of the damage is long gone.

Of course the value of antipsychotics has been much debated on this site and elsewhere, and their utility almost certainly depends on the particular circumstances of each individual user, so it is impossible to issue any blanket advice.

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Look what we discovered! That reduces the psychotic symptoms. Thus, all we learn is that neuroleptics have a place. I think I might also use mania rather than manic from now on.

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It was assumed that these findings revealed the brain abnormalities that were thought to constitute schizophrenia, and for a long time no one paid much attention to the effects of treatment. Also, diagnosing people as mentally disordered should not be done as an excuse to avoid justice and mandated reporting. Moreover, the definition used does not refer to any significant change in functioning, but only to a deterioration in the severity of symptoms.

They longer it takes for them to get help, the more people go unprotected from abuse. Why do you think no one has done a study like this yet? I think that Bob Whitaker has a similar view of neuroleptics as a last resort, in this excellent video: We still have no conclusive evidence that the disorders labeled as schizophrenia or psychosis are associated with any underlying abnormalities of the brain, but we do have strong evidence that the drugs we use to treat these conditions cause brain changes.

The only concession made to the antipsychotic-induced changes revealed is the suggestion that low doses of antipsychotics should be used where possible.

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They did concede, however, that an alternative explanation might be that haloperidol causes brain shrinkage. Make this Donation Monthly. I was on Olanzapine for 18 months, before developing Tardive Dyskinesia and then slowly coming off the meds.

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Do people assume that all psychiatrists who give pills that evidently cause brain damage are not intentional abusers? This doctor has done her job well, by looking critically at information and conveying information simply enough for average people like me to understand. My friend will be arrested and incarcerated for trying to protect her son and for sticking up for his right to choose.

In this second paper, what the authors did was to assume that any brain shrinkage that could not be accounted for by the method of analysis used to explore the effects of antipsychotic treatment must be attributable to the underlying disease. Brain shrink sounds sure right. This is not going to get any better until we begin bringing people to trial and putting people in prison. I for one will never consent to that consensus.

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