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I asked one of the nurses I work with and she has said that she knows that it increases the chances of miscarriage.

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Coronation Street's Lucy Fallon launches foul-mouthed rant as cruel troll hits out her beloved beau Ken Dodd at 90, still telling jokes to make your hair stand on end! Are you taking your temperatures to see if you have ovulated? The ultrasound confirmed that I had a missed miscarriage and 5 days later was in I started to pass. Some of you were wondering if you were ovulating or not, and I have a suggestion.

I would like to believe that my miscarriage came from that crazy stress from that girl text harassing me because the time frame fits. I am not sure if I should just wait things out to see if my fertility has enhanced since the pregnancy or just go back to using clomid. KeeLolo commented on KeeLolo 's status Nov I also took Clomid last Sept. I have even started working out again since I had read that regular exercise actually decreases fibroid development.

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Why didn't he stop? Kristin- I am taking clomid along with Metformin. None of which I used clomid with.

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By the way I almost had a panic attack this morning thinking about the pregnancy and how my smoking will affect it. I'm just over 15 weeks. I have not started yet and Im not sure I want to take it I had taken one round of clomid as my cycles had been really long since getting off the pill. Khloe Kardashian's fans are left baffled at her appearance in snap Now I need to decide whether I want to go back on the clomid.

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Just one other question though. I then proceeded to lose the next three babies. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Miscarriage after clomid

I hope you get a BFP soon! That was a successful pregnancy and my "baby" is almost 6.

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I am realy hoping it works. Thank you for your comment!!