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Early ibuprofen administration to prevent patent ductus arteriosus in premature newborn infants. The DA is kept open through complicated chemical mechanisms, in addition to the effects of locally released and circulating prostaglandins PGsparticularly PGE 2. Choosing between these approaches is still difficult and controversial. CrossRef Peter G.

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However, the majority of infants were delivered within a short interval after the last dose, making it difficult to examine this relation. Benzyl alcohol as a preservative has been associated with toxicity in neonates.

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Steven Thornton, Manu Vatish. CrossRef Katerine R. When surgical ligation is not indicated, prostaglandin inhibitors eg, nonsteroid antiinflammatory drugs [NSAIDs] are used to close the ductus arteriosus.

Cerebral lesions in preterm infants after tocolytic indomethacin. One infant in each group had a patent ductus arteriosus that was not hemodynamically important and did not require treatment.

Introduction and background The ductus arteriosus in the fetus is an important conduit that allows deoxygenated blood to bypass the collapsed lungs and enter the placenta through the descending aorta and umbilical arteries. The infants exposed to indomethacin had a lower urine output and higher serum creatinine concentrations during the first three days after delivery.


The Indian Journal of Pediatrics 78 If the opening is large and abnormal blood flow is creating more significant problems, more invasive methods, including medication and surgery, may be used. It is not unusual for the classic murmur of the PDA as well as bounding pulses to appear at this time due to a drop in pulmonary vascular resistance allowing a left to right shunt through the PDA.

The morphology of the human newborn ductus arteriosus: CrossRef 27 Eliza F. The rates are calculated from a database which contains experience of indomethacin-treated neonates reported in the medical literature, regardless of the route of administration.

This also steals significant blood flow from vessels distal to the duct such as the gut. Surgical ligation remains the primary mode of therapy in cases of pharmacological treatment failure or recurrence.

Introduction and background

Prostaglandin E1 PGE1 is most effective in premature infants. A lack of documentation regarding the exact mode of delivery adds to the confusion. Marianne Eronen, Mikko Hallman. Hobel, Roger Smith, Charles F. Roberto Romero, Baha M.