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Can you please post who your Dr is in alabama I can't find one in montgomery who will write oxycodone 30 mg I have 9 buldging disc my neck and back have been broke my right knee was reco Has anyone checked further up the "manufacturing chain" Where does the pill manufacturer source his supply of oxycodone from?

I've been in bed for 3 weeks now. Anywhere that's not a big brand company You are really confused. And by the way, I had a similar problem a year ago at the same pharmacy but that was 10 pills and there's a small chance the CNA that was helping me at the time stole them so I didn't press the matter other than a call to the mngr.

Now today I go there and they tell me they are back ordered and they don't kn Hi Troy, I located the manufacturer's webpage for this specific blue 30mg Oxycodone pill. That allows a new doctor to see what has and hasn't been working for him, without him seeming to be a drug seeker. Their hydromorphone and oxycodone tablets are the beta generics Nhave had.

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Some strengths of Oxycodone only come in generic brand. I was worried I'd get constipated big time after taking that many pills several days in a row but I didn't because they're so damn weak!

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I was finally able to get my PM doc to up my oxy Rx, she increased it to 6 a day not that I take that much! Keep the Doc informed, if after days still not working for you, let the Doc know. Go to the area in drugs. I was switched to 20mg Rhodes big white pills after taking the little blue Ms.

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And any suggestions as to something else that might work? That is how I realized that it was a huge problem with nodding off. View all 3 comments Add your Comment.

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Updated 4 years ago in Oxycodone. Hope this helps some, Jeff Votes: Qualitest now sucks, so I need a new med that works. All because of others that do not need the medication and abuse them making those that do need them suffer.

Have your doctor write the Rx as oxymorphone and you will be able to get it still indefinitely.

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I think there is an OxyFast too-I'm not sure of what mg they come in. I think it is called Oxy Codil there, hope this helps! I dont know i have never seen one that looks like these im still trying to find out if they really are 30s Heather, The Oxycodone that Karen is describing is in fact a 30mg tablet, manufactured by Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. I believe the potency is higher per mg than roxies too, unless it's just a placebo.