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Tigecycline — excellent anaerobic activity. Trade names should leave a bad taste in your mouth. Duration for abscesses depends on adequate drainage, but typically minimum days after drainage.

Broadest spectrum antibioticscover Gram positive, Gram negative including Pseudomonas except Ertapenem and ESBL extended spectrum beta lactamase producersalso anaerobes. Resistance develops rapidly — not suitable for sustained therapy for severe infections.

Has activity for unusual pathogens including: Laws of Radiology Symmetry is good. Term What are the penicillinase-resistant penicillins? Term What fungal drug interferes with microtubule function and disrupts mitosis, also deposits in keratin-containing tissues?

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Ceftaroline 5th Gen Cephalosporin — see Beta-lactam section above. To sleep comfortably on call never go the bed with a guilty conscience. Not a bad choice if patient is very ill and unclear source of infection.

Nafcillin tends to be better tolerated than Oxacillin less hepatitis and rash 4. Medicine is a function of time: Term What drug forms free radical toxic metabolites in bacterial cell that damage DNA? Erythromycin now used mostly as GI motility agent — prior to endoscopy, or to advance feeding tubes.

Does not penetrate CSF — cannot use for brain abscesses.

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Depends on pathogen range days if otherwise uncomplicated course. Aminoglycosides exhibit concentration-dependent killing — more effective with higher peak concentration relative to MIC vs time-dependent killing of beta lactams — more important to maintain levels above MIC Three ways to dose aminoglycosides doses listed for Gentamicin. The medical chart is the lab notebook of medicine. Often part of empiric therapy in toxic-appearing patients with fever and rash mainly for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

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Good choice for cellulitis, osteomyelitis, endocarditis, and bacteremia from MSSA. Listeria if risk factors: What drugs inhibit formation of initiation complex, by binding 30S, and cause misreading of mRNA?

Fluconazole night sweats

A history and physical is incomplete until you ask the question no one else is comfortable with and you stick yo ur finger into at least one orifice. Metronidazole — see anti-anaerobe section above for more details. If you focus on the effected joint you will miss the diagnosis, but if you don't you will miss the treatment. Steroids should be stopped after 4 days, or if proven to be due to another organism. Term What drugs block nucleotide synthesis? Liquid form is superior must take with empty stomach Poor CNS penetration 3.