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It saved his life! Although steroids can help a more healthy dog with poor appetite, they should not be given to kidney failure dogs. Was lb German Shepard. You are free to browse ad-free, but please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocking software.

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I am dealing with two parvo pups that have gone from parvo treatment to a bacterial treatment and now they are going for a deworming treatment. He had a walk. Cerenia is not available at the moment from their supplier. His demeanor is peppy. Scott Veterinarian 9, satisfied customers. Was having lots of nausea and vomiting this week end and today Doc gave me a script for Ondansetron for nausea and vomiting hopefully helps.

Another great technique is to utilize a quality pet carrier.

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The same sensation one might get when they are about to get Diarrhoea. What is wrong with the bloodhound? Traffic on JustAnswer rose 14 percent The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Her name is Presley and. Antiemetics for the nausea and vomiting should be in the form of metoclopramide, 5-HT3 receptor antagonists such as ondansetron hydrochloride or dolasetron mesylate, or the neurokinin-1 receptor antagonist maropitant [Cerenia—Pfizer] or low doses of phenothiazine tranquilizers prochlorperazine.

Traffic on JustAnswer rose 14 percent JustAnswer in the News: I f your dog suffers from uncontrolled vomiting, your veterinarian might prescribe ondansetron, marketed under the brand name Zofran, to stop his incessant throwing up. If they didn't take his blood pressure, this is an urgent priority.

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Has he been vaccinated? I figured if cranberry juice helps humans with a UTI, why not dogs?

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It worked wonders with the first dose, and I've had her on one pill a day with no further licking. My dog is vomiting. He is 13 and weighs 7. If you are able to do SubQ fluids at home, it would be cheaper for you and less stressful on your dog - ask your current vet, who would need to teach you how to undertake this kind of treatment.