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I'll never be organized and able to behave like a responsible adult, but anything is an improvement over not being able to work on a project for even 5 minutes at a time. Welbutrin takes effect in about an hour, with the first dose.

Wellbutrin (Bupropion) for ADHD

Melissa December 30,4: If stimulants are known to be the most effective treatment, why would someone take a second line medication? I remember what my concerta felt like and its nothing the same. How Long Do They Last?

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The side effect profile is minimal compared to most antidepressants and it is typically well-tolerated. User Reviews for Bupropion Also known as: Except, I dont feel like smoking anymore a plus and I noticed I cry a lot easier over things the last few days Write a mood journal and track how you feel, because you probably won't notice how it's shifting you back to feeling good, inch by inch.

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My doctor said that this is common. It may well be what you suggest is my answer: Took the XL in the morning and felt totally out of it, then the fog lifted but I felt very depressed all day. This is a totally different story than treating just ADHD because a person may notice that their ability to focus improves as their depression improves. Find all posts by Abi. I feel like I have the focus, energy, and motivation that will be life changing.

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Then I started getting hives and my doctor suggested I switch to Celexa. I have immediate recall memory problems which i believe were present prior to cancer treatment but made worse with treatment.

Whenever I was done with the gym I felt so good but that feeling quickly would wear off. It might be prescribed in combined with another ADHD medication or as a stand-alone option. Wellbutrin For Add For Adults says: I'm focused, I've begun organizing and cleaning my home.

In a cynical state of mind where mankind fails to impress Posts: Wellbutrin took six weeks to start working for mebut it worked only for a couple of months, then had no effect whatsoever.

I was on Wellbutrin for depression for 2 days when I started feeling really really down and depressed more than usual. My grade went from a B down to a D. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. Why not a low dose of adderall to go along with wellbutrin? Improvement in symptoms can sometimes be seen in as little as two weeks but can take up to weeks. Want to add to the discussion?