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He presccribed the antibiotic tetracycline with a course of herbs and two very expensive intravenous vitamin C. No attacks, no late night writhing on the bathroom floor followed by gelatinous, explosive diaharea.

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Hi opinion, and that of most other doctors, is that D. I will try to let you know how this second treatment turns out. Her absolute eosinophil count was 4.

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Data on the use of iodoquinol in pregnant women are limited, and risk to the embryo-fetus is unknown. My name is Bart. Pattern of excretion of D.

I decided to stop seeing doctors for a while.


It took me that long to convince a doctor to test me properly, according to the scientific guidelines. This was in the days of snail mail, but it only took a week for Arthur's prompt and invaluable reply to drop into my letter box, and with it the name of a Sydney GP who could diagnose me.

My son had to take another round of medication, but is now infection free. Jackie, I finished the tetracycline about a week and a half ago, and had another stool test to establish whether or not it had worked.

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My story is not unique. I had barely started when he interrupted me with a wave of his hand. In fact, today I have felt allot of energy and been very productive. Three years prior, a routine CBC had revealed an eosinophil count of 0. Underdiagnosed, under-recognised and often untreatable with conventional meds. So now I had a negative result by a parasitologist well trained in the art of diagnosing D.

Dientamoeba fragilis is more prevalent than Giardia duodenalis in children and adults attending a day care centre in central Italy. The tendency to peripheral eosinophilia in this infection has been demonstrated, even in the absence of symptoms. When I failed to respond to a second round of Flagyl my GP decided it was time to consult an expert in digestive disorders — the first of several I consulted over the next 7 years.

Inflammation is an sign of infection but without positive result, these results were ignored. Metronidazole is available for human use in the United States. Instead of being pleased I'd uncovered a possible reason for my symptoms, he was annoyed I had gone outside of mainstream medicine to get diagnosed. People need to know what is going on.


Ayurvedic therapy is described as a "Spiritual Health Science". Evaluation of a real-time polymerase chain reaction assay for the detection of Dientamoeba fragilis. My seven year illness started out with with fairly benign symptoms - bloating and feeling slightly sick after meals plus knitting-needle like stomach pains. One GP left a note in my letter box asking me to rebook as she was concerned about my significant loss of weight.

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