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We have an appointment with this ENT for mid August 2 months away. I know that it is going to take something besides me to help me to stop it.

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Although oral doses of hydrocodone can often causes drowsiness and dizziness, severe side effects are rare. I have a history of drug abuse, though not this drug. Views Read View source View history.

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At night when he falls asleep his throat and nasal cavity gets extremely dry and he continuously wakes up in extreme pain. Those instructions are also for very large amounts of pills i.

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Nov 15, I thank this site and those that participate for keeping it alive. It contains a carbonyl group bound at R 6 and a methyl group located on the nitrogen atom at R Your help is most welcome.

Hydrocodone: What are you really snorting?

Your name or email address: DdorightJun 22, Any amount of APAP you can remove is a good thing. Sure it takes a lot of willpower and strength to just quit every so often, but a lot of us do it. There is potentially a BIG difference between what someone takes themselves and what someone recommends to another person depending on tolerance, and this time you have definitely confused the two.

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But hydrocodone is only available in combination with other active ingredients, which may include acetaminophen, aspirin, guaifenesin, pseudoephedrine, chlorpheniramine. Endorphins are responsible for analgesia reducing paincausing sleepiness, and feelings of pleasure.

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You may have a naturally high tolerance, you know? You guys are wonderful with all the support. I'm sorry I can't provide a link easily in this post as I am on my phone, but putting in "cold water extraction of codeine " in the DF search engine will bring you where you need to be. A fourth nitrogen-containing ring is fused to the phenanthrene at R 9 and R 13with the nitrogen member looking at R 17 of the combined structure. Last edited by kaybaby; at Jun 8, I've been taking mg of hydrocodone daily in mg doses daily for about 5 months.