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Recently I broke down and had a really bad panic attack and I didnt show up to work. Because I am happy to be on it as long as it takes. Wash days went from to about 70 but I still lose another 70 throughout day after.

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I used to have a long thick head of hair. I took diane which is supposed to be an 'anti-androgen' a while back and all my hair literally fell out, like, s per day and i was devastated.

My dermatologist didn't confirm that the med was causing this side affect as I haven't been in for a visit, but instead I saw it as the ONLY recent change in my life. I too am losing my hair at a drastic rate and my hair was never really thick to begin with. View all 6 comments Add your Comment. The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or recommend therapy.

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Recently I visited the salon and took a good look at the crown of my head. The topical steroids are the only reason the hair stopped shedding so profusely. I was all about natural stuff and and using herbs to lower my testosterone and DHEAs but as soon as they were working a lil bit I'd have some stressful episodes happening during my days and cortisol would push from the other side to higher my dhea again.

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More Activity Stream Status Updates. I use spiro in mg in a day, After i used it my shedding is increased terribly when i use just yasmin i lost hair nearly in a day now in a day. In most cases the diagnosis can be made clinically and the condition treated medically. I have recently started using Elvive Fibrology shampoo, serum and conditioner, which does help give a bit more volume.

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Is that still the case? Please select your gender. Starting in January, i have had most days under loss per day, a few days over. I seem to slooooooowly be improving.

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Maybe then derms will realize it happens. Within months I noticed a huge difference in the amount of acne on my face.

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A month ago, I started a shampoo and serum called Nisim. I hope this information helps someone.

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In men, hair loss usually begins above the temples, and the receding hairline eventually forms a characteristic "M" shape; hair at the top of the head also thins, often progressing to baldness. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records.